Entice Designer and DFL

Below is a Entice Designer and DFL beginner video tutorial. Further information is below the video.

Note: This video improperly tells you to add code to the initialize function generated by Entice, but you should not do this as it may prevent you from loading it back up. Instead, add code to the constructor.

Note: This video improperly tests with the -release switch, but this disables very useful debug checks useful in testing, and also disables alerts of DFL misuse in some cases.

Note: You should not compile with -v1 as this is no longer supported by DFL.

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This video assumes you have a proper DMD, DFL and Entice Designer working environment (installed in this order). Installing DFL and Entice are installed easily with their respective installers, and below are instructions for setting up the D compiler, DMD.

Here is DMD installation instructions, and dprogramming.com tutorials.

Here is a good video tutorial for installing the D compiler DMD on Windows and getting started with a proper working D environment, along with other good video tutorials.
Some extra information:
It is generally a good idea to extract the dm and dmd directories into the root C:\ (or other drive) as this is where it is installed for most users.
When adding to the environment variables, the top section lists variables local to your user account, and the below ones are for everyone using the computer. You can add to either section; if "Path" is not listed in the top section, you can add it yourself.
Also when adding to the environment variables, be sure to add both the dm\bin (dmc) and dmd\bin (dmd), separated by semicolons, such as: others;c:\dm\bin;c:\dmd\bin
You do not need to restart your computer to use the dmd (or dfl) command, you only need to open a new command prompt console.

The dfl command, or dfl.exe, is a thin wrapper around dmd, and makes compiling and linking with DFL easy. For more information and other compile alternatives, see the DFL Tutorial.

One final note, Entice's "compile command" is simply a placeholder plugin to enable compiling until true project support is added to the next version. This plugin's source is provided and may be modified with the features you wish. In the compile command field, simply enter a command as you would enter at a command prompt, such as dfl -gui myapp.d

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